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Breaking Bad Season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

School teacher Walter white is shocked by the unpleasant news, he is seriously and terminally ill, he has cancer. In addition to health problems, he has huge financial problems, his family is in a critical situation, there is simply no money.
While wondering how to get out of such an unenviable situation, Walter realizes that, in fact, he has nothing to lose. And decides to engage in the extremely dangerous business of selling drugs. Let it be terrible, threatens with a long criminal punishment, he understands that he has very little left to live, and this is a profitable, albeit criminal business. He has to get out of the financial hole and provide for his family.
To implement his idea, white conspires with his student, with whom he had previously strongly conflicted, and the guy flew out of school, thanks to the efforts of the teacher. Now they're making methamphetamine together.

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